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Tariff Negotiations - Non-Agricultural Market Access
Reduction or elimination of tariff peaks, high tariffs, and tariff escalation, as well as non-tariff barriers, in particular on products of export interest to developing countries.
Market access in the WTO sense, in the case of goods, is regulated through border measures, i.e. tariffs, quantitative restrictions and other non-tariff measures, and "behind-the-border" measures. The aim of multilateral trade negotiations is to make market access more liberal as well as more predictable.
Reference to WTO mandate
Doha Ministerial Declaration, par 16 (Market Access for non-agricultural products)
Examples of typical activities
(I) appropriate analysis to assist countries to participate effectively in the negotiations; (II) support in identifying markets and products of export interest; (III) assistance in the formulation of mechanisms to deal with tariff peaks, tariff escalation, etc.


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