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The WTO Agreement on Agriculture sets in motion a process of reform in agricultural international trade aimed at the attainment of a fair and market oriented agricultural trading system. New negotiations were initiated at the beginning of 2000 with the objective of continuing the process of reform.
A number of components interact in a complex process towards the achievement of the objectives of the Agreement: market access liberalization measures (including through the use of tariff quotas); reduction of export subsidies through the application of certain percentages; and reduction of trade-distorting domestic support. In addition, a special safeguard mechanism is incorporated in the Agreement.
Reference to WTO mandate
Agreement on Agriculture, Art. 20 Doha Ministerial Declaration, Par 13
Examples of typical activities
Implication of improvements in market access; reductions of all forms of export subsidies; and trade-distorting domestic support. Ways to use tariff rate quotas. Support coordination between agricultural producers and trade negotiators.


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