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Dispute Settlement
The dispute settlement system of the WTO serves to preserve the rights and obligations of Members under the covered agreements
The dispute settlement system is a central element in providing security and predictability to the multilateral trading system. Among developing countries TA needs: (I) improvement of the understanding of WTO rights and obligations; (II) access to legal advisory services to help them identify if they may have a case and to prepare submissions; (III) support to participation in the WTO negotiations on improvements and clarifications of the Dispute Settlement Understanding.
Reference to WTO mandate
Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes, Art. 27.2 and 27.3Doha Ministerial Declaration, par. 30
Examples of typical activities
Assistance to the Government in understanding the principles of WTO agreements and implementing them in the form of national legislation. Provision of formal and on the job training on the enforcement and administration of these laws. Assistance to bring the legal policy, regulatory and institutional framework into full conformity with these agreements.


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