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Trade Facilitation
Simplification and harmonisation of international trade procedures. Trade procedures include the activities, practices and formalities involved in collecting, presenting, communicating and processing data and other information required for the movement of goods in international trade.
Trade facilitation relates to a wide range of activities such as import and export procedures (e.g. customs or licensing procedures); transport formalities; and payments, insurance, and other financial requirements. For example, companies need to be able to acquire information on other countries’ importing and exporting regulations and how customs procedures are handled. Cutting red tape at the point where goods enter a country and providing easier access to this kind of information are two ways of “facilitating” trade.
Reference to WTO mandate
Doha Ministerial Declaration, Par 27 GATT 1994 Art V, VIII, X
Examples of typical activities
Advising on simplification of tariff structures, adoption of internationally accepted tariff nomenclature and codes, and related procedures and regulations.


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