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WTO workshop on Priority Issues of LDCs in the Multilateral Trading System - Atelier de l'OMC sur les Questions Prioritaires des PMA dans le Système Commercial Multilatéral - Taller de la OMC sobre Temas prioritarios de los PMA en el Sistema Multilateral de Comercio

The objective of this intermediate thematic course for LDCs (PLS level 2) is to deepen the participants' understanding of issues of priority interest to the LDCs in the multilateral trading system. Particular attention will be given to key LDC issues such as special and differential treatment, preferential market access in goods and services, technical assistance and capacity-building, as well as to issues being discussed by Members after the Eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference, with an emphasis on their importance for LDCs.


In terms of formats, the course will employ presentations, group exercises, interactive reviews and a round table discussion. This activity will be held in English and French. Simultaneous interpretation into English and French will be provided.

Notes/Key results
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Level of Activity: Specialist (Intermediate)
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Trade Information
Project Number TC18/23
Trade Category Trade-Related Training Education
Dates 11/06/2018 - 15/06/2018
Reporting Agency World Trade Organization (WTO)
Implementing Agencies / Countries World Trade Organization (WTO)
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Switzerland
Invited Countries
Afghanistan; Angola; Bangladesh; Benin; Bhutan; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cambodia; Central African Rep.; Chad; Comoros; Congo, Democratic Republic of; Djibouti; Equatorial Guinea; Ethiopia; Gambia (The); Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Haiti; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Lesotho; Liberia; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mauritania; Mozambique; Myanmar; Nepal; Niger; Rwanda; Sao Tome and Principe; Senegal; Sierra Leone; Solomon Islands; Somalia; Sudan; Tanzania, United Republic of; Timor-Leste; Togo; Uganda; Vanuatu; Yemen; Zambia
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