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WTO Regional Workshop on Trade Policy Modelling for CEECAC Countries - OMC Atelier régional sur la modélisation de la politique commerciale pour les pays CEECAC - Taller regional de la OMC sobre el comercio modelado de directivas para los Países CEECAC

The ability to conduct high quality analyses of trade data is essential for decision making both in the government and in the private sector. Multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations, as well as the formulation and the implementation of appropriate policies at a national level, require an extensive analysis of economic data and an assessment of the impact of trade policy decisions.


The purpose of this  specialized course is for the participants to learn about the variety of approaches available to answer their trade policy research question, understand the principles about how to select the appropriate approach and correctly implement the analysis. During the course, participants will be introduced to several methodologies for trade and trade policy analysis, including computable general equilibrium analysis and the gravity model for trade in its partial and general equilibrium format. The course will also be a platform for discussion on ways of working with policymakers to enhance the use of research in policymaking, how to present the data and how to interpret the results of an economic analysis.

Level =>Regional
Notes/Key results
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and making full use of Members' rights
Trade Information
Project Number STPC17/1
Trade Category Trade-Related Training Education
Dates 04/09/2017 - 06/09/2017
Reporting Agency World Trade Organization (WTO)
Implementing Agencies / Countries Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Austria
Invited Countries
Afghanistan; Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Georgia; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Israel; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Moldova; Montenegro; Russian Federation; Serbia; Tajikistan; The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Turkey; Ukraine; Uzbekistan
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