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Madagascar - Amélioration de l'encadrement juridique pour le commerce international
The purpose of this project is to build institutional capacity within the public and private sector in Madagascar (ministries of Commerce, foreign affairs and justice, Law Schools, BAR association, etc.) in order to raise the country’s level of understanding, accession and participation to key multilateral treaties affecting trade, thereby strengthening the national legal framework.61 out of the 238 most important instruments were ratified by Madagascar which ranks therefore 102nd in the world (out of 193 countries). The security and transparency of the country’s legal framework is therefore negatively affected. In order to reach the main objective above, the following activities are being carried out: - Making available within the ministry of commerce, ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of justice, two Law Schools and local BAR association, the LegaCarta country analysis profile concerning Madagascar. - Organisation of a workshop on multilateral trade treaties, with the goal to explore the main legal obligations and economic benefits arising out of the strategic multilateral conventions not ratified by Madagascar. - Training” for national policy-makers to the headquarters of relevant rule-making international organisations. The purpose of this mission is to analyse the existing instruments adopted under the auspices of these institutions and establish links for a more pro-active participation of Madagascar in the drafting process of future international trade rules. - Elaboration of a national Curriculum for teaching multilateral trade treaties in Madagascar’s Law Schools. - A final national roundtable meeting to discuss ways to rationalize the working methods and procedures of relevant institutions involved in the management of multilateral trade instruments and finalize an action plan for the ratification/accession to the treaties identified as strategic for the national economy.
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Trade Information
Project Number MAG/27/09A
Trade Category Business Support Services and Institutions
Dates 12/11/2007 - 30/03/2011
Reporting Agency International Trade Centre (ITC)
Implementing Agencies / Countries International Trade Centre (ITC)
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Madagascar
Invited Countries
E-mail contact / Web Address
itcreg@intracen.org / http://www.intracen.org


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