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Project development - Capitalizing on Results from the AAACP Programme
The All ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme (AAACP), implemented under the EC's 9th EDF, $11.6Mn Aug 2007 to 31 Dec 2011, ended in 2011 with some important successes. For instance, the Programme facilitated millions of dollas in additional transactions in cotton for African producers and helped develop regional cotton to clothing strategies that will create millions more in transactions and generate huge benefits to producers. With the help of ITC and other partners, stakeholders in Cameroon also achieved sector-wide transformation and there were many other important results. ITC also developed some important models for how to develop stakeholder driven strategies and implementation platforms on national and regional level and how to achieve sector-wide change. ITC has prepared the required end of project report and associated financial analyis and will continue to invest staff time in following up as needed. It is critical now that ITC invest in packaging, documenting and disseminating the lessons learned and experience of the project with the donor and client countries and continue to help our partners collect data on the impact which will accelerate as implementation of many of the strategies continues. It is also important that ITC be prepared to work with the EC and its client countries to replicate the approach where they feel it is appropriate. This Window 1 project request is designed to support out of pocket costs required to support ITC in packaging the learning and results from the project and in profiling these results in a variety of ways. The most important event for this profiling will be the “Donor’s Day” and ACP secretariat event in Brussels in May during which the 5 Programme partners (WB, FAO, ITC, UNCTAD, CFC) and the CU will showcase their Terminal reports and case studies or other publicity materials including video. Profiling the results of AAACP in this way will ensure client countries are able to u
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Project Number INT/U1/95A
Trade Category Trade Promotion Strategy and Implementation
Dates 01/05/2012 - 31/12/2012
Reporting Agency International Trade Centre (ITC)
Implementing Agencies / Countries International Trade Centre (ITC)
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