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WTO Regional Workshop on Trade In Services For Central And Eastern Europe, Central Asia And Caucasus Countries - Atelier régional de l'OMC sur le commerce des services pour les pays d'Europe centrale et orientale, d'Asie centrale et du Caucase - Taller regional de la OMC sobre el comercio de servicios para los países de CEECAC

This workshop is organized to:

- Enable participants enhance their understanding of the functioning and disciplines (rights and obligations) of the General Agreement on Trade in Services, including scheduling issues 

- Familiarize participants towards information tools for trade in services analysis

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Notes/Key results
1. Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members' rights and obligations
Level of Activity: Specialist (Intermediate)
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Trade Information
Project Number GATS18/1
Trade Category Services
Dates 23/05/2018 - 25/05/2018
Reporting Agency World Trade Organization (WTO)
Implementing Agencies / Countries Joint Vienna Institute (JVI)
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Austria
Invited Countries
Afghanistan; Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Georgia; Iran, Islamic Republic of; Israel; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Republic; Moldova; Montenegro; Russian Federation; Serbia; Tajikistan; The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Turkey; Ukraine; Uzbekistan
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