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WTO Cooperation in the University of Turin/ITCILO post-graduate course on International Trade Law: WTO basic principles, role and functions. - Coopération de l'OMC à l'Université de Turin / Cours de troisième cycle de l'ITCILO sur le droit commercial international: Principes de base de l'OMC, rôle et fonctions - Cooperación de la OMC en la Universidad de Turín/Curso de postgrado de ITCILO sobre derecho mercantil internacional: Principios básicos, funciones y funciones de la OMC
Train postgraduate students on WTO rules and conduct a dispute settlement simulation.

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Notes/Key results
3. Academic institutions and other stakeholders are analysing WTO issues and reaching out to policy makers
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Trade Information
Project Number ASP18/7
Trade Category Dispute Settlement
Dates 12/02/2018 - 16/02/2018
Reporting Agency World Trade Organization (WTO)
Implementing Agencies / Countries University of Turin
International Labour Organization
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Italy
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