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Training on foreign trade representation
Foreign Trade Representation (FTR) networks are overseas extensions of Trade Support Institutions. Based in the markets, foreign trade representatives play an essential role in collecting market intelligence, alerting about trade opportunities and threats, implementing collective trade promotion actions, lobbying business circles, and facilitating business deals with capable exporters. Many developing countries do not include trade specialists as part of their often ambitious embassy networks, and only very few actually run overseas trade offices. The project aims at helping these countries progressively shift from a diplomatic concept and set up of foreign trade representation (in most developing countries) into at least a limited network of trade specialists posted abroad.
Notes/Key results
The intended Beneficiary Countries are listed below.
Trade Information
Project Number INT/U1/31A
Trade Category Business Support Services and Institutions
Dates 15/04/2010 - 31/12/2010
Reporting Agency International Trade Centre (ITC)
Implementing Agencies / Countries International Trade Centre (ITC)
Developing countries
Multiple Agencies/Bodies
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Developing countries
Invited Countries
E-mail contact / Web Address
itcreg@intracen.org / http://www.intracen.org


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