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WTO Global Workshop: Realizing Developmental Objectives of the IP System: LDC Needs for Technical and Financial Co-operation - Level 3 - Specialists
This Geneva-based activity, targeted at Capital-based officials, is a brainstorming event on the new phase of technical cooperation for LDCs after the circulation, in May 2013, of the Factual overview on technical & financial co-operation for LDCs related to the TRIPS Agreement (electronic copy can be downloaded here: http://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/trips_e/ldc_overview_08.05.2013_full.pdf), and the adoption, in June 2013, of the TRIPS Council decision IP/C/64 on the extension of the transition period under Article 66.1 for LDC Members. It will focus on the following key issues: - analysing practical lessons and specific needs from earlier activities; - further enhancing coordination between co-operation partners and transparency regarding on-going and planned activities in individual LDCs; - supporting LDCs in elaborating concrete projects for submission to their co-operation partners; - exploring a more systematic follow-up to identified needs, including exploring the option of setting up a voluntary reporting mechanism; - examining how IP can be prioritized when DTIS action matrices are updated; - mobilizing further resources to support the identification and implementation of LDC priority needs; Based on a concept note designed to support preparation for the workshop, participants are expected to play an active role in the discussion.
Notes/Key results
The intended beneficiary countries are listed below.
Trade Information
Project Number WTO14/1
Trade Category Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights
Dates 12/06/2014 - 13/06/2014
Reporting Agency World Trade Organization (WTO)
Implementing Agencies / Countries World Trade Organization (WTO)
Cooperating Agencies
Host Country Switzerland
Invited Countries
Bangladesh; Burundi; Cambodia; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Madagascar; Malawi; Nepal; Rwanda; Senegal; Tanzania, United Republic of; Togo; Uganda
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